Marble in warm tones: Comfort and elegance

A warm palette of marble is common choice of interior designer to create a comfortable and elegant space. beige, cream and ivory colors are a perfect choice for the base of such a space as the neutral tones of this colors combines beautifully with higher intensity colors, and they add dimension and light to the environment. the warm tones easily go with the natural wood colors as it’s visible in the photo below.

cozy living room with warm colors

in this living room supplied and executed by Nite Stone warmer shades are the base of the environment. with Olympus marble at the center with a light beige color to create a sense of clarity and lightness of mood, a hint of Belgian sweet marble to complement the wooden panels and furniture.

beige and brown marble floor

here’s a detail of the floor covered with Olympus marble and Belgian sweet marble, both of these marbles are very homogenous and have little variation in color which lends the attention to Shahrzad Marble with white and golden veins is added to accent the elegance in the space.

if you think marbles of our collection are the right choice for your next projects, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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