Get familiar with pietra grey

pietra grey

Pietra Grey Marble is a stunning marble from Iran, being very dense and consistent marble. The local name for Pietra grey marble is Lashator marble. This grey/black marble is sorted in different types by Nite stone based on the background color and the pattern of white veins. Pietra grey marble is one of the most famous and best-selling natural stone. As a professional manufacturer of Pietra Grey Marble Slabs for years, we offer various kinds of Pietra Grey Marble Slabs with advanced mechanical equipment and experienced technical workers that we can provide Pietra Grey Marble tiles and Slabs on top quality and best price.

This marble is used mostly in lobby of hotel, floor of restaurant, WC, stair, façade, exterior and interior executions, and public places to a large extent. In addition to floor and wall tiling, it can also be part of any kitchen and bathroom in the form of a basin, sink or back splash.

Thanks to the neutral tone of this marble, it can be easily combined with different tones and materials. For example, a Pietra Grey can be combined with white color marbles resulting in a modern office.
Pietra Grey marble by nite stone is available in 2 cm/ 3 cm slab and tiles format with polished, honed and brushed finishing.
take a look at the different uses of Pietra grey in the photos below to get inspirations for your upcoming projects.

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